Higher than Super LED, the new Ultra LED lamp arrived

Whether as a matter of aesthetics, or a need, several models of automotive lamps have reached the market, where the automotive LED lamp has been in evidence, but in particular, the Super LED.

The word LED means L ight E mitting D iode, which means Light Emitting Diode. The LED lamp, has other names like: dichroic lamp, super LED, among others.

The arrival of LED lamps, made other lamps such as: halogen lamp, incandescent lamp, fluorecent lamp, super white lamp, xenon lamp and xenon kit among others become obsolete in the automotive lamp market.

Brands and types of LED lamps

In this market several brands are popular, for example: Philips lamp, Golden lamps, Osram lamp among others. As car lamps have evolved, brands have ceased to produce common models, opting for LED lamps, which in addition to being able to deliver a good visual result, helps in saving the vehicle's energy.

Each car receives a different type of lamp, which varies according to the numbering. Example: h1 lamp, h4 lamp, h1 lamp, h7 lamp, hb4 lamp, t5 lamp, h27 lamp, h11 lamp, h3 lamp, h5 lamp, h8 lamp among others. These numbers are usually for different types of headlights, as each car has a different headlight.

The LED lamp for cars is what is in evidence at the moment, but there are other lamps such as: UV lamp, xenon lamp, metallic vapor lamp, infrared lamp, tubular lamp, among others. The trend is that these other lamps will gradually be replaced by LED lamps and others with superior technology.

Super LED take care!

In recent articles, we talked about Super LED, 2D and 3D lamps and we also talked about what Lumen, Kelvin is, among other terms used when talking about lamps.

Recently a new model of dichroic lamps arrived at MixAuto: The Shock Light Ultra LED lamp .

Specifications Ultra LED Shock Light

Follows the technical specifications of the Shock Light Ultra LED lamp:

- Voltage: DC9-32V

- Power: 50W

- Lumens: 4000lm

- IP Rate: IP65

- Next Generation Korean LED Chip

- Color Temperature: 6000K

- Heatsink: Aviation Aluminum 6063

- Lifetime: 20x halogen lamp

- Operating Temperature: -40? C ~ +80? C

- Galvanized and Chrome Finish

- Aluminum Alloy Body

- Embedded Driver

- Vibration Resistant

- Waterproof

- No Cooler Required

Better performance, lower power consumption

The Shock Light Ultra LED lamp has several new features. Now it uses a Korean chip of the latest generation, bringing the best response and quality in lighting, since now its driver is incorporated directly into the lamp. To know more, check out: best h11 LED bulb

In addition, the service life of the Ultra LED Shock Light lamp can be 20x longer than the halogen lamp, which helps in saving the vehicle's energy, and also helps in saving your pocket.

The Shock Light Ultra LED lamp now has a different coating that makes it waterproof, in addition to a galvanized and chrome finish, which makes it more resistant to vibrations.

Heatsink design

In addition to all this, it has a design to dissipate heat more efficiently than other lamps on the market, without the need to use a cooler to be cooled.

With basically the same specifications as its predecessor models, the new Shock Light Ultra LED lamp has an even better economy, that is, a product of superior quality, with reduced energy consumption.

Where to install the UltraLED lamp?

In our store , the MixAuto Center, you will also find trained professionals who will be able to install automotive accessories such as the Led Lamp, which has a 1 year warranty and when installed in our store, there is a 2 year warranty on the product and also on the service.